75.3 million Americans have considered adoption*

If just 1 in 700 of these adults adopted, every waiting child in foster care would have a permanent family.

About Foster Care Adoption

Understanding the processes and procedures.

When a child is adopted, the child is permanently a part of their new family.

This means adoptive parents have the same rights and responsibilities as parents whose children were born to them. It also means children who have been adopted have all the emotional, social, legal and familial benefits of biological children.

Methods For Adoption

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    The state or county government agency that has legal custody of children in foster care is a public adoption agency.

    These organizations are also responsible for placing children in adoptive homes after foster care.

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    A private agency is licensed by the state to facilitate domestic or international adoptions.

    These agencies may be secular or religious, for profit or nonprofit.

Types of Adoption

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Adopt From the Foster Care System

Children waiting in the foster care system vary in age, from infants to young adults. The average age of a waiting child is seven and a half, and many have brothers or sisters with whom they should stay. The majority are healthy children who simply need and deserve loving and supportive adults in their lives.

Some children may have medical challenges, but these conditions are often treatable. Additional support and resources are available to help.

Begin by contacting your state’s public agency or another adoption program like Wendy’s Wonderful Kids. We fund adoption professionals across the nation to implement aggressive, child-focused recruitment targeted exclusively on moving children from foster care into adoptive families. For more information, refer to our listing of recruiters across the nation.

Wendy’s Wonderful Kids

Connect with a recruiter in your area.

Wendy’s Wonderful Kids recruiters employ aggressive practices and proven tactics focused on finding the best home for a child through the starting points of familiar circles of family, friends and neighbors, and then reaching out to the communities in which they live.

Choose a state to find a WWK Recruiter in your area.


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Adoption Stories

Real experiences from DTFA forever families.

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    Douglas’ mother put him in the foster care system when he was 10 years old because she said she couldn’t care for him. After five years in the foster system, Douglas told his Wendy’s Wonderful Kids recruiter that he wasn’t sure he wanted to be adopted. He was about to be placed in pre-adoptive home Read More

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  • Everything happens for a reason

    Wendy’s Wonderful Kids recruiters never know where they will find the perfect family for a child, but in Natalie’s case, her adoptive mother was a woman who saw her at her most vulnerable and fragile state and her heart opened to her. Natalie was living in a residential treatment facility and one of the staff Read More

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  • Mommy and Daddy forever

    There are no more heartbreaking words to hear than a child who tells you that ‘nobody wants him’ and asks, “What is wrong with me?” Justin’s Wendy’s Wonderful Kids recruiter heard these exact words out of his mouth and knew that she had to be the one to change things. Justin had been in nine Read More

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*Unless stated otherwise, all statistics are from the National Foster Care Adoption Attitudes Survey, commissioned by the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption and conducted by Harris Interactive, June 2012.