America’s attitudes on adoption are changing

Why adults consider foster care adoption or choose not to adopt from foster care may be driven by direct experience, word of mouth, or simple misperceptions they may have about the system or the children who are waiting to be adopted.

First look: How we implement Wendy’s Wonderful Kids across America

By Rita Soronen President and CEO Here at the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, we do a lot to make sure the recruiters we work with have everything they need to get children in foster care adopted. And as more and more people support the work we do, we have an even greater responsibility to Read More

Working for America’s longest-waiting children

By Rita Soronen President and CEO When Taylor was 5, he was placed in foster care. He moved back home twice, but was then permanently severed from his birth family at age 9. Although he was with a kind and loving foster family, they were like grandparents to him, and they felt that he should Read More

Do good

Staci Perkins Senior Director, Marketing & Communications It’s what we do every day in pursuit of our mission: To dramatically increase the number of adoptions of waiting children in foster care. It’s also how we lead our organization, knowing that when we do good, others do better – including the people we lead and the Read More

‘Each of us must be an advocate for children’

By Rita Soronen President and CEO Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to be interviewed by several bloggers about adoption, foster care and the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. I had a really great time speaking with each of these amazing people who have so much passion for adoption and family. I want to Read More

4 resources for raising your child post adoption

By Rita Soronen President and CEO As we work to raise awareness about adoption from foster care, we frequently share stories of amazing families formed through adoption. We do this to show that families built this way are just as viable as those formed biologically. By showing success, we encourage participation. Others who see a Read More

You’re meant to be a parent

We’re right in the middle of National Infertility Awareness Week and the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption has joined the movement with RESOLVE. As a part of this partnership, we are sharing information about building a family through adoption from foster care. Since 1989, RESOLVE has organized a dedicated week to raise awareness about infertility. Read More