2 easy ways you can help more children get adopted

We are in the thick of political debates, fiscal cliffs and sequestration. Meanwhile, children who have no voice in any of these discussions continue to linger in foster care, age out, and wonder when we adults will get a grip and work harder and smarter on their behalf. There are some significant policy efforts circling Read More

Spreading the word

By Staci Perkins Senior Director, Marketing & Communications When I started with the Foundation a little more than two years ago, I thought I knew about foster care adoption. I was wrong. The world of adoption, specifically from foster care, is fraught with myths and misperceptions about the process, the money (or lack of) involved, Read More

The child we were always meant to have

Today’s guest post is by Tracy Mazuer. When my husband and I met Jonathan, he was 12 ½ and playing the Mexican game Lotería at what would be his last “adoption fair” with the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services. By the following year he would age out of this program — Read More

Everyone has a part to play

By Steve Meier Senior Director of Finance There has been a lot of growth at the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption since I started in December 2004. We’ve helped more than 3,100 children find their families; we have more than 150 recruiters in all 50 states and Canada helping to find homes for children in Read More

Doing good is not always doing what is right

Let’s not mistake doing what feels good for doing what is right. Recently, I’ve read a number of articles in newspapers from Maryland to Florida highlighting community efforts for enhancing services for children who age out of care.  On the surface, that feels right.  We know that children who turn 18 or 21 and leave Read More

‘No deposit, no return!’

By Robin Campbell Sr. Director of Corporate Relations  Idyllic. That was my childhood. Running with my brother and riding our bikes down the alleys behind Kenilworth Avenue. Our destination was always the same: Shaheen’s grocery store. Mr. Shaheen would give us two cents for every pop bottle we found, so my brother and I would Read More

What do they need to hear?

By Miguel Perez Chief Operating Officer  Last year we set out to debunk myths about children in foster care with our “I am” public service announcement video and poster campaign.  While we should have called it “I am not,” we didn’t like the negativity of the name. But, by sharing what these children are not, Read More

Even tough girls…

For most of this year I have had a copy of Even Tough Girls Wear Tutus at my desk. I read it immediately when the author, Deborah Jiang Stein, sent it to me, and then shared it with everyone I could. I mailed copies to my daughters, gave it to board members and tweeted that Read More

Wendy Thomas and Father’s Day Frosty Weekend

We are excited to have this guest blog from Wendy Thomas, a very special person to the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. Not only is she a daughter of Dave Thomas and the namesake of Wendy’s restaurants across the globe, but she is a passionate member of our board of trustees, and proud to help Read More

Do gooders

Guest post by Carrie Boerio Senior Director of Programs For two days in May, people who do good came from all corners of North America to Columbus, Ohio. We brought together a group of passionate professionals who find loving, adoptive families for victims of child abuse and neglect for our annual Wendy’s Wonderful Kids Summit. Read More