Guest post by Kate Bartalon Senior Director, Development Each year during the second week in May we see a surge in giving here at the Foundation. Something I expect is common for many nonprofits. In celebration of Mother’s Day, sons and daughters are making gifts in honor of and in memory of their moms. Perhaps Read More

When did we stop caring about children?

There is a staggering amount of chatter hitting each of us from all sides – social media, network news, community forums, Super PAC advertising – about how to improve the economy, guide policy, elect someone from the “home team.” But to a child, the talk must seem like a prolonged playground brawl with bullies. There Read More

Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption and Wendy’s: Doing good together

Although we say his name dozens of times every day, there is an entire population young adults who may have never heard of Dave Thomas. Not only was he the founder of Wendy’s, the iconic international hamburger chain, he also created the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. Adopted as a child, Dave Thomas understood the Read More

Simple acts of kindness

Guest post by Robin Campbell Senior Director, Corporate Relations His visible simplicity underscored what made him complex. I worked for Mr. Thomas for the better part of 15 years at Wendy’s and witnessed countless moments of simple kindness: He always said good morning. He knew most of the 600+ employees by name. He loved to Read More

Adoption Tax Credit: What next?

In 1996, the Small Business Job Protection Act provided the first “Adoption Assistance” tax credit for families who adopted. This tax credit was implemented to help offset the expenses families may have incurred while going through the process of adoption. Since full implementation in 1997, across political party lines and administrations and with significant ongoing Read More

Have a voice? Use it.

Guest post by Miguel Perez Chief Operating Officer Inside our DTFA offices, we often refer to ourselves as “the voice for foster care adoption.” As chief operating officer, one of my responsibilities is to make sure our voices are strong, heard and making an impact. With that in mind, we thought our engaged supporters would Read More

Sometimes it takes a child to clarify the complex

We just received a kick-start-to-the-New-Year letter from 5-year-old Katherine.  Although penned by her mom, Katherine’s kindergarten signature was at the bottom.  Here is what she said: Dear Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, My name is Katherine. I just turned 5 years old. I watched a movie recently about a young boy who was an orphan. The movie Read More

Wendy’s Wonderful Kids – It works!

In 2003, we began the journey of designing and implementing a model recruitment program that could work for every child waiting to be adopted from foster care – not just some of the children waiting to be adopted, but each and every one of them. At the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, we simply decided Read More