Foster Care Adoption: Come prepared with faith and heavy duty boots

This guest blog is written by Stacie Booth, a mother of one adopted son and two biological sons, devoted wife and small business owner who provides Taekwondo classes for a homeschool group and Montessori schools. It is written in the Bible that we must “visit orphans and widows in their distress, and to keep oneself Read More

Why Wendy’s Franchisee James Bodenstedt chooses to support the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption: “We should all have that chance.”

Wendy’s Franchisee James Bodenstedt, President and CEO of MUY! Hamburgers, and his team have made giving back a priority both professionally and personally, donating time and funds to non-profit organizations such as the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. The MUY! Hamburgers team continually excels in fundraisers and in-restaurant campaigns that benefit the Foundation, and James Read More

My Greatest Challenge Became My Greatest Joy

This guest blog post is written by Laura Merklin, a Wendy’s Wonderful Kids recruiter in Ohio. She works diligently to provide youth in foster care with safe, loving and permanent homes. She strongly believes you never outgrow the need for family. In November of 2015, I received a referral for an 18-year-old girl, who also Read More

Always On My Mind

This guest blog post is written by Felicia Newell, a Grants Manager for the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. She is also a former Wendy’s Wonderful Kids recruiter who continues to have a passion for foster care adoption.  In August 2016, my husband of 20 years passed away. I was 47 years old and it Read More

How Letting Go of Our “Perfect Kids” Led Us Right to Them

This guest blog post is written by Christopher Matos-Rogers, an adoptive father and REALTOR® with PalmerHouse Properties in Atlanta. As a foster care adoption advocate, he supports child-focused organizations such as Wendy’s Wonderful Kids. He and his husband co-founded an adoptive parent support and resource group to connect adoptive families and help those at all stages Read More

It matters a lot

This guest blog is written by Rachel Adler, a Wendy’s Wonderful Kids recruiter in Northwest, Ohio. She works diligently to get to know each child, giving them an opportunity to let their voice be heard throughout the adoption process. Children in foster care are not bad. They are not delinquents and they are not dangerous. Read More

These children aren’t just any kids, they are my kids

It may sound cliché but I like helping people. Providing knowledge and assistance is very rewarding. Child welfare allowed me to tap into a wide variety of things such as finding valuable resources for families, increasing my ability to be objective and my passion to help our most vulnerable. Although I work very closely with Read More

Jessica Jackson Mrs Arkansas

“Foster care is where kids go when their parents don’t want them anymore.” From the mouth of babes. A stunning realization washed over me as I stood in front of my classroom telling them I’d be out the next day volunteering with children in foster care. Foster Care. Two words. So much meaning and confusion. Read More

Sharing Her Secret Story of Adoption

It was a secret that I kept for 20 years. I was afraid. Afraid of being judged. Afraid of being mocked. But today, I stand tall and am proud to say that I was adopted. Once I wasn’t afraid to share my story, I found out that so many people close to me shared a Read More