The Real Superheroes

I have been a Wendy’s Wonderful Kids recruiter for more than four years and have come to crave the adrenaline rush of getting a new child on my caseload; to start learning about this child and the excitement of feeling like I may have just found the family for a child (I have been known Read More

Take a chance to give a chance

November is my favorite month. Not only because it is the start of the holiday season, but it is also National Adoption Month. As an ambassador for the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, I am honored to be an advocate for the more than 100,000 children living in foster care in the United States, waiting Read More

Giving chances

Most of us are familiar with the movie, “The Blind Side,” which showed a family who gave a homeless teen a chance to belong; most of us also know what a positive impact that chance to be a part of a family had on that teen’s life. If he had not been given that chance, Read More

You have the power to change a life just the way you are

By: Madeleine Melcher I know you.  You “like” things on the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption Facebook page, you have looked at the FAQS on the webpage and you have had the pang in your heart.  You have heard that little voice that seems to be calling you to adopt.  Sometimes you hamper that voice, Read More

Never too old for a family

By Melinda Haggerty Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, Senior Vice President, General Counsel Personal and professional experiences have taught us that you never outgrow the need for a family. At the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, we know that sentiment is especially true. Adult adoption, where a person is legally adopted after his or her Read More


The first year of my life was spent in foster care, yet I have no memory of it. My adoptive parents often told me the story (at my requests) of when they first picked me up from my foster family in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  For most of my life, it was the only piece of my Read More

Flip the script

Our friends Bryan and Angela Tucker are adoption advocates with whom we connected last year during the release of their film Closure. Closure encompasses Angela’s story of getting adopted from foster care and her journey of reconnecting with her birth family. As she recognizes National Adoption Month, Angela is participating in #flipthescript, a campaign supported Read More

How my son has adapted to stability

One of the first things I heard as I entered in adoption of an older child was, “You’ll need to advocate for your child in school.”  Little did I know, this would become my part time job. I first met my son, 14 ½ year- old RD, when he was wrapping up 6th grade.  When Read More

A personal message on Adoption-Friendly benefits

Every year, during our call for submissions for our 100 Best Adoption-Friendly Workplaces list, we are inspired by the stories shared from representatives of companies throughout the nation. In honor of the inspiring message below, we are opening the survey again for this week so we can recognize as many Adoption-Friendly Workplaces as possible. We received this Read More

Huntington supports Kickball for a Home

Twelve colleagues recently finished in second place in the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption (DTFA) Kickball for a Home event at Beekman Park in Columbus. This year’s event raised $41,000 and featured 24 teams, including Team Huntington. Team Huntington comprised of Amanda Adams, Huntington Investment Company (HIC); Stephanie Adkins, home lending; Brandis Carr, treasury management; Read More