On the set at ‘A Home for the Holidays’

Fifteen years ago, Dave Thomas stopped after the ninth hole of a golf game with his chief marketing officer and some executives from CBS, to talk about the need for a network special on foster care adoption. Actually, from what I know, Dave Thomas probably said, “Let’s get a show on the air” and the Read More

A weekend of sadness, a lifetime of remembering

As a mother, every act of violence against a child clouds my soul. This weekend, we all paused in horror contemplating the last moments of 20 young children and six brave adults. And then we mourned, as if they were our own. As a child advocate, every act of violence against a child reminds me Read More

5 reasons you won’t adopt from foster care, and why they’re wrong

“It’s too expensive.” “Children in foster care are too set in their ways to blend in with my family.” “I’m not married, so I can’t adopt, right?” “I don’t want to deal with the birth parents in my face about their child or deal with the child welfare system – it’s all just too complicated!” Read More

2 easy ways you can help more children get adopted

We are in the thick of political debates, fiscal cliffs and sequestration. Meanwhile, children who have no voice in any of these discussions continue to linger in foster care, age out, and wonder when we adults will get a grip and work harder and smarter on their behalf. There are some significant policy efforts circling Read More

Doing good is not always doing what is right

Let’s not mistake doing what feels good for doing what is right. Recently, I’ve read a number of articles in newspapers from Maryland to Florida highlighting community efforts for enhancing services for children who age out of care.  On the surface, that feels right.  We know that children who turn 18 or 21 and leave Read More

Even tough girls…

For most of this year I have had a copy of Even Tough Girls Wear Tutus at my desk. I read it immediately when the author, Deborah Jiang Stein, sent it to me, and then shared it with everyone I could. I mailed copies to my daughters, gave it to board members and tweeted that Read More

When did we stop caring about children?

There is a staggering amount of chatter hitting each of us from all sides – social media, network news, community forums, Super PAC advertising – about how to improve the economy, guide policy, elect someone from the “home team.” But to a child, the talk must seem like a prolonged playground brawl with bullies. There Read More

Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption and Wendy’s: Doing good together

Although we say his name dozens of times every day, there is an entire population young adults who may have never heard of Dave Thomas. Not only was he the founder of Wendy’s, the iconic international hamburger chain, he also created the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. Adopted as a child, Dave Thomas understood the Read More

Adoption Tax Credit: What next?

In 1996, the Small Business Job Protection Act provided the first “Adoption Assistance” tax credit for families who adopted. This tax credit was implemented to help offset the expenses families may have incurred while going through the process of adoption. Since full implementation in 1997, across political party lines and administrations and with significant ongoing Read More