Do gooders

Guest post by Carrie Boerio
Senior Director of Programs

Foundation president and CEO Rita Soronen welcomes recruiters and supervisors to the 2012 Summit.

For two days in May, people who do good came from all corners of North America to Columbus, Ohio. We brought together a group of passionate professionals who find loving, adoptive families for victims of child abuse and neglect for our annual Wendy’s Wonderful Kids Summit. The attendees were the 127 recruiters (and their supervisors) hired by adoption agencies across the U.S. and Canada through our Wendy’s Wonderful Kids grants program.

In my role at the Foundation, I have the privilege of organizing the Summit, and am forever amazed by what I see and hear. Our attendees never tire. They never lose focus. They never stop working, talking, networking, learning and inspiring each other. They talk about “their kids” everywhere — in the buffet line, in the hallway, even in the restroom. We overload their day with speakers, workshops and speed networking sessions, and still they gather to learn from each other at night.

These men and women live and breathe their work. They believe every child deserves a family. They believe every child is adoptable. They are determined to find a family for every child, and their determination pays off. We launched our Wendy’s Wonderful Kids program with just seven sites in 2004, and have since grown to serve children in every state and four Canadian provinces. Today, we celebrate changing the lives of nearly 3,000 children through foster care adoption.

So, for two days in May, you may have felt the warm glow of goodness. Want to do good too? Visit to learn how. Maybe you will adopt. Maybe you will donate so we can hire more recruiters. Or maybe you will share this blog so more people will know that children need families. That would be good.

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