Have a voice? Use it.

Guest post by Miguel Perez
Chief Operating Officer

Inside our DTFA offices, we often refer to ourselves as “the voice for foster care adoption.” As chief operating officer, one of my responsibilities is to make sure our voices are strong, heard and making an impact.

With that in mind, we thought our engaged supporters would like to hear a little more from us and to get to know us a little better — hear what makes us tick. So, you will continue to hear from our president & CEO, Rita Soronen, but you will also hear from others on our team as well. We hope by learning more about us, you will learn more about the Foundation and the children who rely on us to be their voice.

Let’s start with me and what makes me tick. Why not?

We all know there are people who would rather sit in the corner and prefer to go through life quietly, without ruffling any feathers. We also know those very people may have great insight or ideas into solving a key problem or making a situation stronger, better. Why are they silent? Who has taken their voice? What opportunities are we missing, by not empowering or encouraging each and every person to speak out?

I am a believer that we all have something to say, something to share. At the Foundation, as we tackle the issue of finding homes for the more than 100,000 children in foster care waiting to be adopted, we need voices. Strong voices. Not only ours, but yours. We work every day to speak up for what we know is right. We speak up to further our mission of dramatically increasing the number of adoptions of waiting children from North America’s foster care systems.

It’s our job to get people to understand. When they understand, they care. When they care, they move to action. In our case, we hope people will be moved to speak out and become ambassadors for these children, donate and support our work, and open their hearts and homes to a child whose life they can change forever.

What if we didn’t speak up?

We all have a voice to use.

We can all make an impact.

One of my favorite quotes by Anita Roddick: “If you think you’re too small to have an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito in the room.”

For now, get to know us better.

Move to action.

Speak up. For you. For us. For the children. For something. Anything.

Trust me. There are more than 100,000 children who will be glad you did.

Learn. Donate. Adopt.

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