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The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption is celebrating its 12th year of honoring companies that offer the country’s most impressive adoption benefits. Our Best Adoption-Friendly Workplace program honors employers of every size and industry that offer adoption benefits for employees. Our goal is to find a permanent, loving family for every child waiting in foster care. And just as every child deserves a home, we believe all parents deserve support and time to bond with their children. While this is a moment of celebration for these employers, it’s also a moment of awareness for our nation concerning children waiting to be adopted from foster care in the United States. Adoption-friendly policies are easy to implement and cost-effective, and create loyal and happy employees.

We congratulate these 2017 organizations for their commitment to providing an Adoption-Friendly Workplace!


It’s the smart thing to do

  • Be more competitive in employee recruitment

    As more companies add adoption benefits each year, they become a standard for maintaining a competitive edge in recruiting top-notch employees. In an annual survey of 1,000 major United States employers, the number of companies offering financial adoption benefits has risen steadily, from only 12% in 1990 to 52% in 2013.

  • Make a popular addition to your work-life package

    Employees want adoption benefits. According to the landmark National Attitudes Survey conducted by Harris Interactive, 68% of Americans believe employers should offer paid or unpaid leave. Order our free AFW kit today to implement these changes in your workplace.

It’s the affordable thing to do

  • Make an inexpensive addition to your work-life package

    Less than one half of 1% of eligible employees generally use adoption benefits, making them one of the most cost-effective benefits you can offer.

  • Support all new parents

    No matter how families are formed, new parents need time to bond with their children. Employees who build families through adoption are likely to incur significant costs and participate in a lengthy, sometimes stressful process. Providing support for employees throughout the process bolsters productivity, goodwill and loyalty.

It’s the easy thing to do

Our employer toolkit provides a persuasive business case for establishing an adoptions benefits policy and all the tools for implementation.

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