His best friend is now his brother

A Wendy's Wonderful Kids Adoption

Wendy’s Wonderful Kids recruiters are trained to focus on the child’s needs and the child’s circle of influence to find a forever home. For Josh, they looked long and hard, but his forever family had been there the whole time. After several pre-adoptive homes didn’t work out, Josh was devastated. He told his WWK recruiter it was worse than when he came into foster care originally. His WWK recruiter consoled him and reiterated her commitment to finding him a family. It was then that she realized how close Josh was to his best friend’s parents. She approached the family who was elated at the possibility, but didn’t know they were allowed to adopt Josh! After working through the process, the adoption was official. Josh told his WWK recruiter that he “couldn’t believe it was real.” and his family said that Josh is “the missing piece of the family puzzle and we’ve finally found it.” Now Josh wakes up each day with someone to give him a hug, someone to help with his homework and his best friend is his brother.