Mommy and Daddy forever

There are no more heartbreaking words to hear than a child who tells you that ‘nobody wants him’ and asks, “What is wrong with me?” Justin’s Wendy’s Wonderful Kids recruiter heard these exact words out of his mouth and knew that she had to be the one to change things. Justin had been in nine homes and his sister had been adopted, but he remained in foster care. His WWK recruiter heard about a family reunion and decided to attend. She thought she might be able to find a connection that would make sense for Justin. She was right. During the reunion she struck up a conversation with Justin’s relatives and discovered that the family was interested in meeting Justin and considering adoption. The recruiter got right to work; she had to determine if this family was a good fit for Justin before she could get his hopes up. It turns out the family was able to fit Justin’s needs and Justin attached to them quickly. He told his WWK recruiter that, “Now he has a mommy and daddy forever.”