Never too old for family

A Wendy's Wonderful Kids Adoption

Michelle came into the system at age 6 and at age 19 was still waiting for her forever family. She was adopted by family members after coming into foster care, but four years later the adoption dissolved. After that Michelle was placed with five families, but in all instances Michelle had to leave the home. This happens frequently to children in foster care, but our Wendy’s Wonderful Kids recruiters do not give up. At age 19, Michelle was still qualifying for foster care in her state, but she wanted to move out of state to live with her best friend’s family. To the recruiter’s delight, this family was very interested in making Michelle a permanent part of the family. Our WWK recruiter helped them find a lawyer that would take the case for free and the rest is history. After 13 years, Michelle says she finally has her home. After nearly not graduating from high school, she is now getting straight A’s in college, studying for her driver’s license and says she knows she is loved unconditionally.